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Meet Rob


Getting better together, one day at a time

Let's stop gambling and improve our lives together.My name is Rob Minnick, but online I go by Rob One Day At A Time (ODAAT). I was struggling with a gambling addiction for six years. I would gamble online with sportsbooks and in the casinos on a daily basis, wagering for between 6-8 hours per day on everything from parlays to blackjack to slot machines.This channel is aimed at helping men and women alike to persevere in their quest for self-improvement. I also seek to provide insight on self-improvement from the viewpoint of those suffering with a compulsive gambling addiction. By providing lived-experience with my gambling addiction, diving into what helped me to get over one year clean from gambling and sharing habits to implement to create positive change, this channel will help viewers to live a richer and more meaningful life one day at a time.

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